Inspired Links – Jan 24, 2012


In my Tuesday “Inspired Links” feature, I provide links and brief descriptions of thought-provoking articles.  I hope you enjoy these little treasures 🙂

  • Has your writing career had a turning point that changed your direction substantially?  Nova Ren Suma is running a series over on her blog entitled “Turning Points” in which guest writers discuss these turning points in their careers.  I highly recommend the entire series and I particularly enjoyed posts by Sean Ferrell and Gayle Forman.
  • In “The Sharks Are Circling” by David Gaughran over at Indie Reader, he Gaughran warns indie authors to beware of service providers who are more focused on taking advantage of writers than providing a service.
  • If you’re wondering where to set your priorities in 2012, Christina Katz has some suggestions in her article over at the #amwriting site:  “Stop, Drop and Micro-Publish.”
  • From a series of podcasts that I listened to last year, I came to see the benefit of writing a logline even when it wasn’t necessary for a pitch or other purpose.  Loglines have a way of helping to focus a story and can help you figure out if a story fulfills your original purpose for writing it.  “Hooks, Loglines and Pitches:  What Every Writer Needs to Know” by Anne R. Allen provides a wonderful summary.
  • In “Ars Poetica” Lou Freshwater ponders the importance of literature and telling honest stories.
  • In “10 Musicians Who Really Should Write Novels” over on Flavorwire, Emily Temple ponders the possibility of extending these musician’s lyrics into a novel.  It’s fascinating food-for-thought and may inspire your writing as well.
  • Kristen Lamb ponders the benefits and risks of a critique group in “Can Critique Groups Do More Harm Than Good?
  • I’ve mentioned Gabriela Pereira and her wonderful resource “DIY MFA” before on this blog and she’s written an article for Curiosity Quills that discusses it in depth:  “How Does DIY MFA Work?
  • Lindsay Boruker has lots of terrific suggestions in “The Importance of Keeping In Touch With Fans (and how to find them in the first place.”
  • If you’re looking for book marketing tips, you’ll want to check out this interview of John Kremer by Joel Friedlander.  It’s nearly 45 minutes, but well worth the time.
  • I was lucky enough to be a guest over at Friday Flash dot Org and I was able to announce the Metro Fiction is now open for submissions.



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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I'm in good company. These are great links!

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